Blog #11 – “Welcome to Pine Point”

Michael Simons and Paul Shoebridge’s web documentary, Welcome to Pine Point, was published in 2011 and showcased the rise and fall of a historical mining town known as Pine Point, located in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Despite being just a mining town dedicated to mining zinc and other ores, it became a prosperous community with … More Blog #11 – “Welcome to Pine Point”

Blog Post #10 – “Redshift and Portalmetal”

For this week’s blog post, I have decided to analyze Micha Cárdenas’ electronic work of literature, “Redshift and Portalmetal”, a story about a transwoman of color named Roja, who continuously migrates to different worlds in order to avoid the destruction of their previous worlds. The digital work consists of a body of text describing Roja’s … More Blog Post #10 – “Redshift and Portalmetal”

Blog Post #9 -“Prosthesis”

In 2011, Ian Hatcher released a collection of digital audio poems online titled “Porsthesis”, available for download or listening on SoundCloud. The collection contains six poems of varying length, consisting of Hatcher speaking the poems’ lines. As Hatcher worked previously as a programmer who coded software, much of the inspiration for the poems’ lines and … More Blog Post #9 -“Prosthesis”

Blog Post #8 – The Circle Cont.

The quote I selected is number 4: 4.  ‘”It’s not that I’m not social.  I’m social enough.  But the tools you guys create actually manufacture unnaturally extreme social needs.  No one needs the level of contact you’re purveying.  It improves nothing.  It’s not nourishing.  It’s like snack food…endless empty calories, but the digital-social equivalent” (134). … More Blog Post #8 – The Circle Cont.

Blog Post #5 –

Loss Pequeño Glazier’s digital poem, White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares, consisting of multiple pages of poems that randomly changes its own stanzas every ten seconds. Few people can speed read the entire page before it alters the text, causing it to be very arduous to make sense of reading the words put together. Each page … More Blog Post #5 –

Blog Post #4 –

Technology has continued to advance over the years at an exponential rate, computers being one of the key developments. Computers today have the ability to store and access a huge network of databases on the internet, and writers have begun to post their own forms of digital literature that has differences with classic printed literature. … More Blog Post #4 –